Our Story

After nearly 20 years in business, Tower Asset Management was sold in 2009 to a publicly-traded broker/bank in Texas.  The new owners closed the Beverly Hills firm, leaving behind an empty office and a roster of financial professionals.  But what kind of story would this be if that’s where it ended?  Jon Lam and Stuart Sneddon still had the passion to design and build world-class investment portfolios and to serve their loyal client base.  So they rolled up their sleeves, fired up the midnight oil, and started their own company.  An independent company.  A company that would provide investment advice based upon unbiased research and a strict adherence to risk management.

In July of 2009, Newbury Capital Management, LLC was formed.  Would the quality of investment management and research remain intact?  Yes.  Would it be employee owned?  Yes.  Would the client come first?    


NCM quickly bolstered its talent with the addition of Anton Pereiaslavtsev to design and integrate leading technologies into the firm.  Weiwen Yang solidified research and analysis.  Edward Barnett, Keith Weinbaum, Tony Rapista, John Tan and Jim Portman came aboard with their clients and brought a wealth of experience to the firm.  Today, the NCM team of financial professionals continues to enhance the client experience by learning and implementing the latest industry trends and techniques of wealth management.  But even as these methods become more sophisticated with evolving theories and models, the NCM team continues to craft investment solutions the proven way.  Research.  Discipline.  Accountability.

That’s Newbury Capital Management.