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April 2014

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Notes from the Research Desk 
August 22, 2014

Central bankers meeting in Jackson Hole, WY this week. Lots of discussion about how to measure full employment in the US economy, but it seems like even the Fed hasn't been able to fully grasp the shft in workforce dynamics following the 2008 crisis.

The Fed commented that it will wait "considerable time" before raising rates, which ahs led to a consensus view that it won't be until mid-2015 before rates begin to climb.

Meanwhile, Russia is amassing a very large array of military vehicles and equipment near Ukraine. A convoy of 130 Russian trucks rolled into Ukraine,for humanitarian aid, according to Russia. Ukraine maintains it is an invasion. We'll see how this plays out.

Stocks have rebounded from the pull-back and are back into near record territory.
Clayton Kershaw improves to 15-3 on the year last night, and is staring at a third straight Cy Yound Award. Dodgers up by 3.5 over the Giants.