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Q3 2014

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Newbury Capital Management is a privately held investment advisory and wealth management firm created to service the needs of high net worth individuals/families and institutional investors.  Through an unwavering focus on risk management, unbiased portfolio construction, and intelligent planning, Newbury helps investors plot a roadmap to financial success – both today and for the future.

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At Newbury Capital Management, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We provide honest financial advice backed by our years of experience and proven track record.  We strive to earn our clients' trust in every aspect of the advisory relationship. We use leading technologies to ensure instant access to the financial world.  Our commitment is to provide the highest level of satisfaction in your investment advisory and wealth management experience with our firm.

Notes from the Research Desk 
October 6, 2014

Markets sold off the last couple of weeks of Q3. Geopolitical risks (Hong Kong elections, European economy, airstrikes vs. ISIS, etc.) remain elevated and Ebola in the US adds to the jitters. Risk-off was the tone of the market, and may linger.

Big move in the US dollar (strengthening) is causing another dislocation in currency and interest rate trades. Not a good trend for US multi-national companies and it also adds to uncertainty with future US earnings growth. Longer term, look for market to resum upward grind after this pull-back runs its course.

Dodgers head to St. Louis tonight with the series tied 1-1. Should have been 2-0 Dodgers, though. Not sure when Dodgers' brain trust realizes Cardinals' Matt Carpenter is The Dodger Slayer.