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Q1 2015

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Who is Newbury?

Newbury Capital Management is a privately held investment advisory and wealth management firm created to service the needs of high net worth individuals/families and institutional investors.  Through an unwavering focus on risk management, unbiased portfolio construction, and intelligent planning, Newbury helps investors plot a roadmap to financial success – both today and for the future.

Our Commitment

At Newbury Capital Management, we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We provide honest financial advice backed by our years of experience and proven track record.  We strive to earn our clients' trust in every aspect of the advisory relationship. We use leading technologies to ensure instant access to the financial world.  Our commitment is to provide the highest level of satisfaction in your investment advisory and wealth management experience with our firm.

Notes from the Research Desk

July 13, 2015

The S&P was unchanged last week, as the financial world waited to see how the Greece situation unfolded. By Monday, the market moved higher on news that Tsipras has accepted a another bailout offer in exchange for real fiscal measures. We'll see if the Greek Parliament approves it this week. It's not over yet.

China's market action is rattling the markets, but things stabilized by the end of last week. This week, China will release key economic data, including GDP. China and Greece are elevating risk levels and defense makes sense right now.

Q2 earnings will begin soon, with an increase of 2.0% expected. Energy is still acting as a damper on earnings (+8.0% ex-Energy). Estimates are still coming down, so there is a bull case for a big beat to the upside if there is a positive surprise factor.

Congrats to the Women's US Soccer Team on their stirring run to a World Cup Championship. Now back to the grind of baseball and more baseball.